Paused tile

Title in pause motion.



.Jackella the cat



.Paige The Mink


Tammy finds a letter from Paige, It Read:

Dear Tammy,

'I gonna win the Cutie Award and 'your not,so,i laid out some traps so you won't get there bwahaaaaaaa!,So good luck Short stuff!

love,Paige the mink

'Tammy said,'I don't go cutie,I'm perfect the way i am!''That time before she enter door,Jackella said:'Tammy,we have to beat Miss Perfect!'But tammy said:'Paige is a dodo head,who cares?'Then Jackella said:Well I'll tell your dad that you've been singing in shower!'Then finnaly,Tammy said:Okey finnne!


.Biometrix rocks!

.I'll win that award!